Weddings & Destination Weddings


I love officiating weddings.  I guide the couple through premarital counseling and assist them in designing a unique wedding ceremony reflective of their individual beliefs.   

I am available to travel throughout North America and Mexico to perform weddings.  Currently reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Baptism & Naming Ceremonies


The ritual of baptism and christening is such a beautiful way of marking a sacred moment.  I love bringing families, friends, and Godparents together to share their faith traditions and spiritual beliefs with love, light, and connection.  


Home Blessings


Blessing our living and work spaces is an important part of finding spiritual balance. I conduct these blessings which involve the use of incense and prayer throughout the space.


blessing at house church.jpg

of Life & 
Funerary Rites


These rites are sacred and private, so I do not take or share photos, out of respect for families and loved ones.

I help families create ceremony, liturgy, and worship that is unique to their beloved's life journey.  Although I am an ordained Episcopal priest, my interest in different faith traditions and ceremony also serves to assist  families in preparing funerals and celebrations of life that are unique to their traditions.   

In addition to providing celebration of life and funerary rites, I offer spiritual counseling for people who encounter the passage of a loved one to the spirit world. My maestra, Elena Avila, believed that we are all in the process of healing, that we are all healers learning from each other. We all need guides and teachers to help us get to the other side of our struggles. 



Curanderismo is a holistic approach to wellness.  My studies in Traditional medicine have taught me that the sacred medicine of our ancestors  can have a positive effect on how one deals with illness, emotional trauma and negative thinking. I conduct one-on-one consultations that take between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Creative Ceremony of Any Kind


I love to lead ceremonies that facilitate the healing and connection of  mind, body, and spirit. Some of these ceremonies include

  • Ocean Ceremonies,
  • Letting Go and
  • Transformative Ceremonies,
  • Mud Ceremony
  • Dry Sweats
  • Trauma Healing Ceremonies
  • Sweetness Returning Ceremonies

Skype or Phone Sessions

For those seeking spiritual counseling or support,  I offer Skype or phone  consultations. These are 1 hour and serve as a limpia (energy cleansing), as well as deep listening and connection time, through which I also provide practical homework for self-care and awareness.